Benefits of Membership

Photo of two people talking during a Grapevine business networking meeting in Milton Keynes

As well as talking to those on either side of you at the table over breakfast, there is time to network more widely with members and visitors.

Becoming a member of any group or organisation brings benefits. As a member of a golf club, you enjoy the game itself, the 19th hole, the challenges, the people and more. As a member of a church congregation, you enjoy a sense of belonging, of bringing benefit to others and deriving benefit yourself.

If you’re in business, particularly small business you are likely to find that you need to escape, to gel with others, to find new friends and to do new business. This is what being a member of Grapevine is about. But there’s more.

Grapevine was formed by local business people to help one another. We regularly pass business opportunities to each other as this forms a major part of our reason for being, but there are many more benefits that are totally intangible.

Here’s just a few that our members recount:-

  • Provides a regular release
  • Gets me up in the morning
  • A fun way to spend breakfast time
  • Helps me find new suppliers for my business
  • Helps me find good quality suppliers for my clients and so helps strengthen our relationship
  • Discuss ideas with like-minded people
  • Builds my confidence
  • Helps hone new presentation skills I never knew I had
  • Gain new business by referral
  • Form strategic alliances

But why not come and see for yourself? Come as a visitor or apply for membership.