Come to our open meeting on 14th December 2017

Grapevine is delighted to welcome Stephen Whitton as a guest speaker at our open meeting on 14th December 2017 from 7am – 9am.

Lessons from Behind the Mic

Image o f Stephen Whitton, presenter of the talk at Grapevine Business Networking group in Milton Keynes on 14th December 2017

Radio Presenter, Master of Ceremonies and Conference Speaker Stephen Whitton

Next Generation Customer Centricity is all about embracing change, technology and being connected in the way your customers want, but the primeval human powers of connecting with each other have become even more important in our interconnected world.

In an enlightening and entertaining short talk, Stephen Whitton will share his insights from his work as a Local Radio Presenter, Speaker and Trainer on how much of the problems with communication come from the internal dialogue we all have and the limiting self-beliefs that it can create.

From this session, participants will discover;

  • How we all have an inner voice that drives us and how to “house-train” it.
  • How our fears and self-limiting beliefs can hold us back – from selling, networking, public speaking, promoting business.
  • How our communication will be far more effective if we “listen to understand – rather than just listen to respond”
  • How making communication about the “other” person not only makes them feel great, releases their tensions, but makes you seem like an inspirational, positive person they’re likely to want to be with / do business with.

Stephen Whitton is a Radio Presenter, MC and Conference Speaker as well as a Trainer and Coach. Having spent many years working within blue-chip PLCs in large house-hold name companies, he found Radio and realised his life’s purpose was to create connections.

Through this he realised that people’s main worse enemy is nearly always themselves and their negative self-talk (I’m not good enough, I’ll sound stupid, they will think I’m daft, I don’t deserve it etc) and so, set off on a mission through his regular radio shows, conferences, training and speaking sessions to help people with strategies and actions to unlock these hidden commitments and create new more customer friendly, life enhancing ones!

Through a very passionate, lively and engaging approach, you’ll leave feeling the session was just for you and be tuned in for more!

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