The Vision Workshop – 3 Keys to Accelerating your Results

Image of Grapevine guest speaker Milos KovacWe are delighted to welcome our visitor, Miloš Kováč, who will be presenting a whistle-stop tour to give you an insight on how to define, design and experience your dream. He will then outline how to create the blueprint to turn your dream into reality!

Miloš calls himself a dreambuilder, leader and thinker and inspires people to think about their dreams and make them happen. From his website:

“Are you thinking about new ideas, challenging existing reality, dreaming about something new, and you are willing to step out of your comfort zone? Do you want build your dream and be leader and inspiration for yourself, your family, community or organization? Not because you must, but because you want?

“Do you feel, that you was born to create something extraordinary, something which move our civilization to another better level of existence in harmony with nature and our spiritual existence?

“Our community are people like you. We are challenging status quo in all areas of our life. We are not fighting against current system, because we are building new one. New system which will make our current system obsolete.

“We are leaders and creators of new technologies, we are uplifting people through our books and arts. We are exploring more effective education for our children. We know how to build profitable organizations without crushing the life out of our people.”

Visit Miloš’s website for more information and book your place here!

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